About Us


We are a group of passionate adventurers and cyclists that have joined hands to do what we like the most. Share our adventures. With a lifetime of different experiences in the outdoors, on the race tracks, guiding and running guiding companies, we are at home in the mountains, they are our work place and our playground.

We’ve have always taken to heart  “find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life” as a goal worth striving for and we hope to pass our passion on to those who share in on our adventures, be it training, traveling or racing with us.

So what is it that we love? We love exploring the planet and especially our northern island of Iceland. We use many ways to do that. Most often it is done on the mountain bike, road bike or skis.

We love to set goals in life and we practice and train hard to face our own personal challenges, always with the support of good friends.

We are outdoorsy and athletic with dead serious ambitions to have fun...and win.


Björk Kristjánsdóttir


 Founder & CEO of MiM. She runs the MiM show. Backcountry skier, cyclist and a guide.

Björk has also been successful in racing and was Iceland's fastest women on the road and on the dirt in 2015. Female cyclist of the year, National Champion in categories of road cycling, cross country olympic and cyclocross. She was also a part of WOW Cyclothon 4 person winning team in 2016. Now focuses on training future cyclists and enthusiasts.

Björk has been a river rafting guide since 2003 and glacier guide since 2008. She has spent countless number of days cycling, snowboarding, ski touring and hiking.

Owned and managed a hostel, bar and restaurant, Reykjavik backpackers for 6 years, 2009 - 2015.


Óskar Ómarsson


Co-founder of MiM. Bike training, team coaching and race strategist. A guide.

Is one of Iceland’s strongest and fastest men, racing road and mountain bikes. Ranking first to third in most racing categories, Óskar will be a part of Iceland's first ever national team qualification in 2017. Winner of the WOW Cyclothon in 2014 and 2016 as well as many other local races.

Has held and produced numerous bike races in Iceland. 

Apparently his calves produce similar energy as a medium sized hydro electric power plant.

Enthusiastic about anything and everything with endless energy supplies.


Þorlákur Jón Ingólfsson


Co-Founder of MiM. Mountain Bike and Ski Guide.

Loaded of experience in adventure guiding in Iceland

Has been river rafting, kayaking, skiing, glacier hiking, mountain biking and whatnot for years.

An avid adventurer, whenever not guiding and exploring in Iceland you’ll find him exploring similar paths abroad

He has outdoor diploma from Svalbard, just completed two seasons as a head guide for Glacier Guides, has been leading and instructing expeditions in Nepal, Norway and Svalbard