Big rocks' trail

My friend Emil, which is almost safe to stay that is the greatest mountain bike explorer in Iceland. He’s one of the most avid and skilled bikers in the country. If you haven’t read it already I always like to add that he’s incredibly good looking too and a male model. Anyways, I’ve gone on a few missions with directions from him but maybe not so detailed directions.

The first summer of mountain biking I asked him what he recommended in one of the Eastern parts of Iceland. He told me I had to try out this hiking path towards Stórurð. Of course I did, decided to go with my friend Láki on a bike tour. We were actually located on Borgarfjörður Eystri and had tickets to Bræðslan which is a concert held there once a year, a great event. We set out for a 2-3 hours bike trip just after noon. The weather was nice and we were ready.

However, 3 hours into the mission we had a reality check, “oh shit, we’re only half way into this mission”. It turned out that the winter before the East had a lot of snow, lot more than previous winters, leaving large parts the hiking path still covered in snow by the end of July. So basically we spent 6 hours of pushing, dragging, making steps in the snow in our sneakers before reaching the tents again, exhausted.

This path was indeed great (if the snow cover is set aside), one of the most beautiful I’ve seen so Emil was right. Though for a whole year I always wondered how he’d managed to ride through the second part of if which was covered in huge rocks, crossing a steep hill while avoiding these rocks. Finally a year later I found out that we were actually on the wrong track!