5 weeks of skiing in Canada

Getting prepared for the summer season to really kick off the MiM team has different tasks as well as our own stuff going on. Part of the team just came home from a road-bike training camp in Gran Canaria while the other half was in Canada on a skiing/ski-touring adventure.

I want to share a bit of our adventure in Canada with you hoping it inspires you to go ‘oot and aboot’ (as they say in Canada) and have your own little adventure. And if you need some help with it we’re of course here for you ;)

Our plan for the trip was to ski in Rogers pass, which is a mountain pass between two towns, Golden and Revelstoke. That meant we had two options, we could stay in Revelstoke or we could stay in Golden which is definitely the smaller and quieter option.

Finding a place to stay was a lot harder than we anticipated. The area has become very popular among skiers, and rightfully so. The mountains are incredible and the atmosphere is amazing. Somehow by pure luck (and maybe some good karma) we found a place to stay. It was in the trailer park in Golden, BC, and it was perfect. A tiny house with lot of character; tilted floors, old carpet, homemade bed and a door that wouldn’t close properly. It had everything we needed for our skiing get-a-way. 

We sat out on a 5 week long trip to Canada that was all about simple living. Escaping the stress of everyday life and getting into shape for upcoming season both physically and mentally. We got to enjoy the beautiful Canadian wilderness, good company, nice homemade food and most importantly a lot of that sweet sweet Canadian fluffy pow. The kind that makes you feel like your skiing on clouds, you can’t stop giggling and you never want it to end. Sounds familiar? 

Rogers Pass like i mentioned is a mountain pass that climbs over the Selkirk mountains and through Glacier National park. The area is a true paradise for skiers that enjoy ski touring, there are no lifts so there’s no cheating. You gotta put in the work if you want to reap the benefits and sometimes that means a lot of work. 

Most places before you start gaining any real elevation you have to skin through the forrest, that means a few km of low angle zik-zaking through real winter wonderland. The best part though is when you step out of the forest and start seeing the peaks above. All those peaks, all that terrain and the only limit is how far you are willing to push yourself and of course avalanche activity which we closely monitor. When I call that the best part I of course mean apart from skiing down. There is nothing that can beat that feeling of riding down a mountain!


A typical day for us would look something like this:

Wake up early and pack lunch while eating our daily dose of eggs and bacon. 
Drive to the pass with music blasting and get ready for a long day of ski-touring on a route decided and studied back and forth on a map the day before (except on wild-card days where imagination and conditions ruled everything). 

Reach the summit with a stomach full of nuts and chocolate covered raisins and get ready for the ride down.

Ride down in amazing snow giggling, screaming and yahooing over the whole valley.
Drive back down from the pass in the afternoon with red cheeks and a big smile. Music playing even louder then before and this time you join the singer to show’em how it’s done. 
Crack open a cold one at home or the local bar and share stories of your day.
Eat (sometimes delicious) homemade dinner. Relax, read or computer. Sleep! 

It was truly cheap, simple living and we loved it! 

It is always nice to come back home though.

And even though skiing in Canada was beyond amazing and the everyday snow there is like snow Icelanders dream of and see only a few times a year I realised how much I missed skiing at home. It’s so different and we have so many other things that make it unique.
-I missed being able to see the ocean and even ski down to it. 
-I missed how short and simple it is. Take a short drive to the roots of a mountain, put on skins for a short hike and voila your at the top ready to ski down a nice slope and head back home or do it again. Nice little morning or afternoon
-I also can’t wait for spring time skiing. The nice corn snow unlike anywhere else, pretty stable condition and of course the cherry on top, the midnight sun!

-Go out and explore or come explore with us-

Björk Kristjánsdóttir