The Holy Grail of Gravel Grinding in Iceland. These roads are just waiting to be explored!

GRAVEL GRINDING pioneers in iceland

During the trip we’re going to ride around the most deserted fjords in Iceland. We’re going to explore what only a small proportion of travellers in Iceland ever see and experience. The Westfjords are home to some of Iceland’s most amazing gems. It is a large peninsula in the North-West of the country. A lot of the area is off the beaten track meaning that you’ll enjoy unbelievable natural beauty with only the company of your travel companions.

The area has a lot of geothermal heat and amazing outdoor, natural pools and hot pots nestled in small towns and open fjords.

The roads are a mix of asphalt and gravel roads. Bikes will be adjusted to the conditions, suitable for rougher roads and mountain passes (nothing at high altitude, max approx. 440 meters). In five days of cycling we will cover over 500 km!

Rough itinerary

Day 1

Transfer from Reykjavik to Bjarkarlundur.

Transfer distance: 255 km
Transfer time: 3 hours
Accommodation: Bjarkarlundur area

Day 2

Ride of the day starts at Bjarkarlundur and will finish in the small town of Drangsnes. We will ride the Djúpivegur road crossing the peninsula from south to north. On the way we’ll pass the lovely town of Hólmavík. To be better able to grasp how small and rural this place is the town is considered the commercial centre of this part of the peninsula but has less than 400 inhabitants. Moving through the town we’ll head on to the other side of the Steingrímsfjörður fjord to Drangsnes where we’ll overnight. Drangsnes has three of the most famous hot pots in Iceland and Iceland has plenty! We’ll soak in them and enjoy a relaxing evening with other town inhabitants which count less than 70.

Cycling route: From Bjarkarlundur to Drangsnes
Distance: 75 km
Riding time: 3-4 hours
Accommodation: Drangsnes

Day 3

Today we’ll start early from Drangsnes to continue our roundtrip in the Westfjords. Today we’ll continue to the north side of the peninsula, finishing at Reykjanes where we’ll overnight. We’ll continue on Djúpvegur road where we’ll cross Steingrímsfjarðarheiði. Steingrímsfjarðarheiði is infamous for it’s bad winter weathers closing off all roads to the capital of the peninsula, Ísafjörður. It’s highest point is 439 meters above sea level. 
The Reykjanes hotel where we’ll be staying is rough and basic but has its charm. It has its own old geothermally heated swimming pool which will be welcoming after today’s ride. The hotel is stand alone, visited only by its guests and seals living in the fjord it is located by.

Cycling route: From Drangsnes to Reykjanes by Ísafjörður fjord
Distance: 110 km
Riding time: 4-6 hours
Accommodation: Reykjanes 

Day 4

As we’ve gotten used to spending our days exploring on the bikes we’ll keep adding distance to each day’s ride. Today we’ll head all the way into the capital of the west, Ísafjörður. Ísafjörður is the largest town in the West of Iceland. It has approximately 2600 inhabitants and is surrounded by magnificent mountains. Before reaching Ísafjörður we’ll pass and ride along four different fjords, each and everyone ready to amaze us with their beautiful scenery and wildlife.

We’ll enjoy the evening in town, wandering the streets, enjoying a good meal, drinks and coffee.

Cycling route: From Reykjafjörður to Ísafjörður (or nearby)
Distance: 120 km
Riding time: 5-7 hours
Accommodation: Ísafjörður

Day 5

Today’s the farthest we’ll ride in a day. We’ll cross from the north of the peninsula to the west. Today will also be eventful as we’ll ride through Dýrafjörður fjord and Arnarfjörður fjord. Arnarfjörður fjord is most famous for hosting one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, Dynjandi. It’s a series of waterfalls with the accumulative height of almost 100 meters. It also has great volume. 

Last but not least, just before we reach the place where we’ll lay our hats for the night we’ll stop to take a bath in the most famous outdoor swimming pool of Iceland. When looking at it from the right angle you’ll seem to be soaking in the ocean instead of the warm waters of the geothermally heated swimming pools.

The support car will bring our bathing suits, snacks and spare clothing. We’ll then finish a ride of approximately 20 km into Bíldudalur where we’ll overnight.

Cycling route: From Ísafjörður to Bíldudalur
Distance: 140 km
Riding time: 6-8 hours
Accommodation: Bíldudalur

Day 6

Today is the last day on the bike. We’ll take a slightly shorter ride from Bíldudalur to Flókalundur. We’ll take our time, cruising and enjoying the environment and the last day on the bike. In Flókalundur, by the ocean is an extremely charming natural hot pot to bathe in and enjoy the view and silence before heading back to Reykjavik the following day.

Cycling route: From Bíldudalur to Flókalundur
Distance: 64 km
Riding time: 3-4 hours

Transfer route: Flókalundur to Reykjavik
Distance: 331 km
Transfer time: 4 hours
Accommodation: Reykjavik


  • Transfer of participants
  • Transfer of bikes
  • Meals, snacks, drinks (except for alcoholic beverages)
  • Support car and luggage transfer
  • A cycling guide
  • Accommodation in hotels

Additional services (for extra fee)

  • Daily cleaning of bikes and bike maintenance
  • Bike rental

Equipment List

Download the pdf document here

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights

Difficulty: Challenging

Cycling distance: approx. 500 km