Three day combo of the best you can find without having to leave the comfort of the city in the evening. Also available as day tours:

  • The Edge to the Beach

  • Hot Spring Ride

  • Landmannalaugar Ride and Soak

Rough itinerary

Day 1 - Landmannalaugar Ride and Soak

Starting early we’ll leave Reykjavik, I’d say before dawn but hey, the Icelandic summer lasts 24 hours a day. The drive to Landmannalaugar is approximately 3 hours but don’t worry, we’ll make some stops on the way for to stretch, get some food and enjoy some sites on the way. Among the stops we’ll make is Háifoss. Háifoss is a waterfall dropping 122 meters, located close to the famous volcano, Mount Hekla.

Once we’re in Landmannalaugar we’ll mount our bikes and ride an amazing circle in the area, starting and finishing right by the Landmannalaugar hut and facilities. During the ride we’ll make multiple stops for photo opportunities, to chat about Iceland and take in the otherworldly landscape. The trails run through the lava fields in the area, a mix of packed mud, some rocky sections and gravel. It will require some previous mountain biking experience without introducing any unavoidable steep downhill sections.

Post-ride relaxation will be at the natural geothermal pool in Landmannalaugar, a great way to finish off an awesome ride in the wild. After visiting the pool we’ll get into the car and head back to Reykjavik city.

Day 2 - The Edge to the Beach

We kick off from Bláfjöll road. On the first part of the way we'll follow the single track known as Jaðarinn (e. the edge). The trail has a lot of diversity. Everything from fast, compressed mud sections to rocky bits where technical manoeuvring on the bike is required.

Please note that some prior experience of mountain biking is required to enjoy this trip to the fullest or some dedication towards challenging yourself in a new adventure! The trail is suitable for anyone from the average rider to the advanced one. If familiar with the single track scale (STS) it's a S1 grade.

The second part of the tour leads us through one of the most popular outdoor areas of the city. From where we leave the Edge we ride through Heiðmörk and towards the city. Reykjavik city has some nice green areas with fun trails which will lead us all the way to the city centre. Along the way we'll learn some about Reykjavik and enjoy the nice and easy cooldown.

We'll finish the trip will end at the city’s only beach resort, Nauthólsvík. As it’s Iceland it’s not a traditional beach, it’s a beach with geothermal heat which makes a hot pool just by the sea. We’ll relax enjoy some snacks and wrap it up.

Day 3 - Hot Spring Ride

Today we’ll start the tour approximately 30 minutes drive from Reykjavík, right at Ölkelduháls. Ölkelduháls is an area within the geothermal site above Hveragerði town. The area is warm and active, the latest hot springs are less than 10 years old, emerging in earthquakes in the area.

Starting with a short traverse we ride from Ölkelduháls through the Reykjadalur valley finishing our trip in the lovely town of Hveragerði. On the way we’ll enjoy lunch packs and dip our toes into the cozy hot springs in this magical place.


  • Transfer of participants from Reykjavík and back
  • Transfer of bikes
  • Full Suspension bike rental
  • Packed lunch, juice and snacks during rides
  • A cycling guide 

Equipment List

Download the pdf document here

Duration: 3 days from Reykjavik (accommodation not included)

Difficulty: Moderate

Single Track Scale: S1

Age limit: Approx.15 years depending on riding skills and experience.

Cycling distance day 1: Approx. 30 km / 5-7 hours

Cycling distance day 2: Approx. 20 km / 5-7 hours

Cycling distance day 3: Approx. 20 km / 12 hours